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Drilling Deeper

Advertising Design, Copywriting, Media Buying, Cost

Eye-catching layouts with tightly-written copy that are placed where your customers will see them that's the trick! How do you ensure that your customers will not only see your ad, but recall the message and act on it?

What should you advertise?

Did you forget about this question? Most companies have a variety of services, products and messages. Good advertising starts with a plan.

What should the ad say?

Ad copywriting is efficient. The style will vary, depending on whether the ad is meant to be read, seen or heard. It should tell the same story that the visual image does and should use language appropriate to your target market.

  • It's a good idea to develop a "slogan" if you don't already have one, something that captures in a sound bite what makes your company special.


What about layout and design?

Your print ads should have a similar look for the life of your campaign so that they are instantly recognizable as YOU. The image should also reflect that of your company elegant, fun, busy, state-of-the-art.

A print ad should be large enough to be noticed, but creative design can make a smaller ad stand out. Photos of people, for example, can draw your eye to a smaller space. Don't be tempted to fill the entire space with copy just because you paid for it your ad will magically disappear!

Where do you advertise?

Choosing the right vehicles for your ads is critical. Advertising time/space isn't cheap. Figuring out how to divide up the pie, so to speak, is an art.

Your advertising sales rep can show you what the market reach is for a publication, radio or TV station. How many people will see your ad, and what are the demographics of the readers, listeners or viewers?

You'll also want to think about frequency. How many times do you need to run your ad before the message sinks in? An ad can also wear out its welcome and become annoying if you overdo it!

Don't overlook Online ad options such as banner ads, pay-per-click search engine ads, and the wide variety of paid opportunities on social media platforms, including sponsored status updates. Careful selection and use of search engine terms and target demographics can increase your pay-out.

How much does it cost?

Rates for space are all over the map. Publications and time slots that reach fewer people should cost less; those that are "hot" will cost more. Frequent advertising in a publication or broadcast outlet will often be billed at a reduced rate.

The trade-off, from a budget standpoint, is whether you'd be better off with a larger/longer ad, or with placing your ad in a wider variety of outlets. We lay out the options and help our clients make these decisions.

  • Newspaper ad space is often charged by the "column inch" although you will sometimes see it charged out at a "line rate" matching editorial copy in the paper. Magazine ad space more typically is offered as fractions of the full page size.
  • Radio and television ads are charged by the length of the ad and rated by the popularity of the time slot.
  • Online ads may be charged as a flat fee or using a pay-per-click model. Paid search may also factor in the popularity of your selected keyword phrase.


Other kinds of ads

Free-standing inserts are those flyers that fall out of newspapers and magazines. People do notice them, however, and they are particularly successful if they provide "keeper" types of information.

Coupon and Daily Deal sites - These work for some types of businesses, not so well for others. To converting deal-conscious prospects into regular customers, you'll need a solid follow-up marketing plan.

Sponsorships - Some companies like to underwrite the cost of a not-for-profit organization's event or ad. Ask how your company's participation will be acknowledged.

Message-on-hold - While your customers are waiting for someone to answer their telephone call they can listen to music or to a message about your company. Which do you think creates a sale?

Flyers - Make your print ads do double duty by having copies of them in your store or place of business. Mail them to prospects. Include them in your press kit or customer information packet. Post a pdf on your website and link to it from your e-mail newsletter.

Videos - Again, get extra mileage by running a tape at your place of business. Take them to trade shows. Post them on YouTube and add a link from your website (or post them right on your website).

Our portfolio features ad campaigns that have produced results for clients ranging from professional services firms and politicians to retail businesses. Like to know more? Contact us!


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